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Fabric Base
  • Fabric Bases


    Cotton/Lyrca –

    95% Cotton 5% Lycra,

    4-way stretch

    150cm printed wide


    This is your most universal base. It can be used for leggings, dresses, pants, shirts, hoodies, booties, scarves and so much more! It has 50% 4 way stretch with great recovery. It is breathable and great for children or adult's apparel.



    Cotton French Terry

    95% Cotton 5% Lycra -

    4 way stretch

    150cm printed wide


    This is a great warm universal base. French Terry has loops on the back and gives you more warmth for the cooler seasons while still being breathable. It can be used for leggings, dresses, pants, shirts, hoodies, booties, scarves and so much more! It has 50% 4 way stretch with great recovery. It is great for children or adult's apparel.


    Athletic Knit - 

    85% Polyester, 15% Spandex

    4 way stretch

    145cm printable wide


    A great choice for athletic wear including bottoms, tops and bras.  It offers more support than swim fabric would because of its weight. 

    Swim/Performance –

    86% Poly 14% Spandex,

    4-way stretch

    145cm printed wide


    SPF 50+ UV protection,


    This is your ideal base for making swimsuits, dance leotards and rash guards. Although, summer clothing can definitely still be made with it as it is cool to the skin and quick drying. It offers an SPF 50+ protection. It was great stretch and recovery and works for both children and adult alike.



    95% Poly 5% Spandex,

    4-way stretch

    145cm printed wide


    A double sided stretch minky fabric.  Printed on one side, but soft and cuddly on both sides.  Great for blankets, hoodies and joggers.  Offers great four way stretch with great recovery.  It is a warm and soft option for both child and adult.  


  • Terms and Conditions of Sale


    Fabric is digitally printed using reactive dyes. All fabrics are CPSIA Certified. Small flaws can be expected, especially close the selvedges. Any flaws that are larger than a dime will be offered for discount in the flawed album. Flaws smaller than a dime is deemed acceptable. Flaws along the selvedges themselves are disregarded as it is "unusable" material. Please understand that a flaw or two may have been missed. Please note that not all runs of the same print will come out identical. Keep in mind that colours may be different due to monitor settings/lighting and the nature of the printing process. A colour variance of 10% is deemed normal and acceptable. Discounts will not be given for colour differences unless it is drastic - for example, it was shown to be blue, but it printed purple instead. Colours will vary with different batches Please inspect and report any flaws prior to cutting or washing. I do recommend washing your fabrics in cold water or washing it with a colour catcher to help prevent bleeding or colour transfer. Due to the fabric's stretch, images may be printed at a slight curve, especially at the selvages - this is normal and is to be expected because of how the fabric behaves. Note that colours on different bases will appear differently. Polyester will often absorb more colour and therefore appear darker than cotton bases.



    Please allow 1-3 business days for processing time. Delivery time within Canada is 1-7 business days once shipped. Delivery time within the US is 3-10 business days once shipped. Please note, when Pre-Orders are being cut, retail orders may take a little longer.


    Pre-Orders take approximately 8-12 weeks for the fabric to be delivered to you. If there are any unforeseen delays, I will let you know of those delays as they occur. Please make sure you are part of our Facebook Group for all the latest updates. If you have any concerns, please message Mary Baume directly.



    We ship from Canada and ship internationally. We ship through the most economical way possible.


    Preorders are typically through ChitChats, retail orders will be through Canada Post, large packages may be through Loomis or Canpar. Canadian and USA shipping charges are calculated based on weight of package. This is automatically calculated for you upon checking out.


    All Canadian packages are shipped with $100 shipping insurance. To insure your package for a larger amount, please be sure to add the additional shipping insurance 


    All USA packages larger than 500g are shipped with $100 shipping insurance. To insure your package for a larger amount, please be sure to add the additional shipping insurance 


    All other International Orders An estimate is provided for you upon checking out. Should the actual shipping charges be higher, you will be notified and an additional invoice will be sent.  International Orders do NOT come with insurace.  If you would like insurance, please message me and I will get a quote for you.


    Local pick up is available. We are located just West of Ottawa in Carp, Ontario.



    Once you have received your order, please verify that you received everything that was ordered. Examine the fabric for any flaws or shortages. Reasons for returns may be, but not limited to:

    Short cuts 

    • Order Mix Up
    • Undisclosed printing flaws larger than a dime NOT along the selvedges
    • Fabric flaws NOT along the selvedges
    • DOES NOT INCLUDE final sale items such as short cuts, pre-cuts or disclosed flaws


    For issues:

    • Within 5 business days of the delivery of fabric; contact me to discuss the issue. As replacements are not always possible, a refund or a discount may be arranged.
    • Within 10 business days of delivery of fabric; ship the package back o Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer (short except missing fabric, or mixed up orders).


    Please do not file a Paypal claim without trying to communicate with Mary Baume first. Doing so may result in cancellation of all current orders, removal from facebook group and banning of future orders.


    There is a $5 restocking fee.

    There are no returns or refunds on pre-orders.



    Once orders have been cut, there will be a $5 flat rate cancellation fee. If orders have not been cut, there is no penalty. Please contact me immediately. Messaging me personally (not email and not through the business page) is the quickest way to reach me.



    Pre-orders take 8-12 for shipment. Once pre-orders are received by Fabric Obsessions, it is our goal to have it out the door and on its way to you within a week. There is no returns or cancellations with pre-orders. Please keep your pre-orders and retail orders in separate carts. Orders with both items will not be processed until pre-orders are in.



    Retail items are items already in stock. Orders are processed in 1-3 days. Delivery time within Canada is typically 1-9 business days once shipped. Delivery time within the US is typically 3-10 business days once shipped. Most retail items are precut. Where continuous cuts are possible, it will state "off the roll".



    Lay-away is offered on pre-order purchases exceeding $100 BEFORE shipping and taxes. To opt for the Layaway option, use coupon code Layaway50. There is a $5 fee for layaway options. 50% of order due immediately (non-refundable) 50% of order due when order is on its way to Fabric Obsessions. (1 week notice will be given. IF you wish to pay earlier, please contact us and we will arrange your invoice). Late or missed payments may result in cancellation of the order, with the original payment being forfeited.



    The fabric purchased may be used for personal or small business use. It is only intended for sewing clothing, accessories (Hats, booties, headbands, burp cloths etc) and dolls. It is the purchasers' responsibility to ensure the items made follow compliance regulations and restrictions for their region. Fabric Obsessions is not liable for any abuse or misuse of the fabric that may result in any harm.


    By purchasing, you understand and agree to these terms and conditions.

Please do not add Pre-0rder and retail items in the same cart.