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A Little About Me

My name is Mary, and I am the host and owner of Fabric Obsessions.  

I am a mother of 3 beautiful, intelligent and funny children! I have a wonderful, amazing loving husband who supports all my craziness, who stands by me no matter what.  This would not at all be possible without his support and encouragement.  I live for my family, and I hope that I can teach my children the same great values that my own parents taught me. I come from fantastic family who are all entrepreneurs! I take great inspiration from my wonderful dad who worked incredibly hard to get very far in life. In the last few years, my dad has built a beautiful resort in Bobcaygeon, Ontario - Blue Pigeon Resort. He is such an incredible man who truly did everything in his powers to give me everything he could.  My younger brother made his dream, his vision a reality when he opened his very own restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario, The Wilcox Gastropub. Then there is my older sister, who works tirelessly to help all of us in different ways. She builds houses and owns her own Tile Store in Mississauga with my son to be brother in law - Brento Tiles. 

I first started sewing because I could NEVER find what I was looking for, for my daughter. Simple sweater dresses, shirts and dresses that were not too baby like, pants that FIT (since she is so small)...and most importantly, things that were NOT pink!!! (of course my daughter LOVES pink, so everything I make her HAS to be pink...and I have to say it's grown on me!) So I picked up the craft of sewing and never looked back. However, as I continued to obsess over fabrics and search for the prints that I wanted, I had a very hard time of looking for particular prints I desperately wanted in Canada. It was again a case of "I know what I want, I JUST CANNOT find it!"

With that, Fabric Obsessions Inc. was born!

Fabric Obsessions is still very tiny, but with everyday, I hope that it will continue to grow and excel!  It is my dream and hopes to see FO succeed!  I love designing and I love sewing - it is my passion and I am so greatful to have this opportunity!  

Thank you for being here on this journey for me!

  Mary B.


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